EnglishCentral has been adopted in over 400 universities worldwide and has partnered with the world's largest private and online English language schools.

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  • Google Ventures

    Google Ventures was a seed investor founding EnglishCentral in 2009, and co-led two additional rounds of funding. Rich Miner, the co-founder of Android, sits on EnglishCentral's Board. Rich and the team at Google Ventures serve as our gateway to the various other groups at Google who have helped EnglishCentral.

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  • Huawei

    Huawei is a Fortune 500, global leader in telecom solutions with revenues of USD 46.5 billion in 2014. In Q2 of 2015, Huawei shipped over 30 million mobile phones, becoming the 3rd largest mobile handset provider in the world. Huawei has partnered with EnglishCentral in China to launch a Huawei branded, English learning mobile service called HiStudy. The HiStudy app is bundled with several models of Huawei phones and in its first few months since its launch in 2015 has reached over 10,000 daily activations.

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  • Open English

    Open English, Latin America's leading online English language school, has adopted EnglishCentral's web and mobile online conversation platforms for its base of customers. Open English offers customized 24/7 online-only instruction using native English-speaking teachers and is using EnglishCentral to supplement this online classroom instruction with immersive listening and speaking practice.

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  • Cambridge University Press

    Cambridge University Press has licensed over 50 titles to EnglishCentral, which EnglishCentral has adapted into interactive video courses using its Watch, Learn & Speak online English conversation platform. These courses include Good Practice: Communication Skills in English for the Medical Practitioner, Be My Guest: English for the Hotel Industry, Flightpath: Aviation English for Pilots and ATCOs, and a wide range of popular titles for TOEIC.

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  • UOL

    UOL is the world's largest Portuguese language Internet site. UOL Education, the largest online education group in Brazil, launched its own English language service in 2015. EnglishCentral's Watch, Learn & Speak online English conversation platform is bundled into the UOL English service and provided to every UOL English learner.

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  • New Moon

    New Moon Education is the leading provider of ELT materials to the university market in Taiwan. New Moon has adopted EnglishCentral as its primary online learning solution for its university customers. In 2015, every New Moon title will come bundled with an EnglishCentral access code, reaching over 50,000 students.

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  • DTP Education

    DTP Education is the leading provider of English Language Teaching solutions in Vietnam. DTP prints the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary with VietNamese Translation, which reaches over 10,000 learners per year. EnglishCentral's online English conversational solution comes bundled in each copy. DTP has 4 other titles that also bundle EnglishCentral.

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  • Oxford English & Business Academy

    Oxford English & Business Academy is a leader in language and business training in Saudi Arabia. Oxford EBA uses EnglishCentral's web and mobile online English conversation platform as part of its customized curriculum for its university and corporate customers.

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  • UBSM

    University Book Store Malaysia (UBSM), a leading ELT distributor in Malaysia, has adopted EnglishCentral as its primary online English learning solution for its university customers and private language schools.

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  • Spot On Learning

    Spot On Learning (SOL) is a Dutch based e-Learning company that provides training solutions for international businesses for which speaking English and understanding culture are essential. SOL is particularly focused on the Maritime & Offshore segment and has created with EnglishCentral several unique web and mobile solutions for that market.

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  • ELS

    ELS is the world's largest network of campus-based English language instruction and university preparation center, with over 80+ locations in Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Malaysia, and the USA. The ELS network of more than 650 colleges and universities worldwide will be using a customized version of EnglishCentral's online English conversation that maps our extensive library of videos lessons and pre-built course modules to ELS' existing curriculum. Offering a variety of levels for ELS learners from CEFR A2 to C2, the new online courses will allow ELS students to access custom-made EnglishCentral courses that match the scope and sequence of traditional coursework and books used in class.

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